Harry was born in Bilgoraj, Poland in 1922.

He escaped to L'vov (Lemberg), was exiled to Siberia, returned to Europe and came ultimately to Canada.

There were many adventures along the way.

This is his story.

Run time 40 minutes
A 10 minute preview is available

The Russians took us - in one way we were lucky - and they sent us to Siberia We travelled 13 days & 13 nights - without food. Hot like crazy, the pushed us in, a whole bunch, only a little window.

Lucky we had a little food from Shabbos. Momma's brother - he was a Lemberg citizen - him they didn't touch - Ma told him to bring us the cholent to the train.

On behalf of my brother and sisters and all our children, thank you Alan for your sensitivity and skill. You have preserved a legacy. I hope you will continue to do so for others.

Mark Weisleder