You may find this
surprising but

Upon a Time
a long time ago,
Bubbie and I

Dear children & grandchildren

We love you. We think of you often. Funny, but it's often the little things that we recall. It's often the little things that we remember. You may think of us too, but we have an advantage! You see, we know more of your lives than you know know of ours. This small movie cannot change much of that. Nonetheless, it is our gift to you. It's about some of our little things. We've tried to make if enjoyable and entertaining.

Mom & Dad / Bubbie & Zaidie

A lot of people have watched and enjoyed it too. The Toronto Jewish Archives have a copy

This movie was made entirely from still images

Individualized scripts were written for each of Ralph, Helen & Pearl. In separate sittings, audio recordings were made with each person reading from a hand-held script. Each was given full rein to pause or re-start any part at any time.

The visual part of the movie consisted of still images relevant to the subject matter.

Here, on the right, are a couple of short excerpts from the movie

The "Still Image" approach was a conscious decision made after the scripts were approved and completed. Full-motion video, with the aid of a teleprompter, would have provided a more polished presentation but the choice was made in favour of ease and flexibility instead. When they were required to appear "on-screen," posed photographs were used.